Hello, I’m Mariah…

And welcome to Chambery and Champagne.
I am a graduate student, freelance journalist, and social media consultant, who also happens to run this lifestyle blog and a YouTube channel.

I’m Mariah, a woman who wears many hats.

C&C was created in August 2014 as a place to showcase who I am and how I like to write. I was hoping it would get my name out into the industry and provide me professional opportunities, and it did. Today, it’s a place to look back on who I was then and who I am now. At this moment in my life, I enjoy helping others build their websites through my consulting business, rather than build C&C for professional practice.

It’s personal, rather than professional.

I still share relatively the same things: my favorite pair of denim jeans, my go-to handbags, my workout routines and what’s in my refrigerator. The site changes with my mood, my interests, and my income. I will be a graduate student for another 4 years, so you can bet I’m still learning. I believe in lifelong learning and improvement, which you will see on this site.

C&C was derived from two things: my childhood home on Chambery Boulevard and the classic bubbly Champagne that adds a little something extra to every occasion. I hope you find parts of my life in common with your obsessions, passions, goals, and ambitions. Please stop by often, and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and start a conversation.