About Me | Chambery and Champagne

Welcome to Chambery and Champagne. I’m Mariah – a woman who wears many hats {don’t we all?} I am a graduate student and freelance journalist who also happens to run this lifestyle blog and a YouTube channel. On the pages of this site you will get to know me {probably more information than you need}. You’ll find me sharing my favorite pair of denim jeans, my go-to handbags, my workout routines and what’s in my refrigerator. The site changes with my mood, my interests and my income {because I’m 24 years old and plan to be a broke college student for at least another 4 years. #PhDLife}

C&C is derived from two things: my childhood home on Chambery Boulevard and the classic bubbly Champagne that adds a little something extra to every occasion. This space is mine, but it is also yours. I create content for myself as much as any one of my readers, and I hope you find parts of my life in common with your obsessions, passions, goals and ambitions. Please stop by often, and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and start a conversation.

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