Mariah is currently a graduate student at the University of Iowa earning a master’s degree in journalism and mass communication conducting critical cultural, qualitative research on blogging, social media, self-branding and consumer culture. She also teaches an undergraduate course (Introduction to Multimedia Storytelling) where she teaches students how to build multimedia packages alongside feature-length journal articles. Mariah plans to graduate spring 2018 and pursue a doctoral degree in communication.

In August 2017, Mariah presented her work titled “Twitter as a Digital Union: Exploring blogger reactions to corporate collapse” at the AEJMC National Conference in Chicago, IL. That article is in progress and should be submitted to a refereed journal by the end of 2017.

Mariah has also been accepted to present her work at the National Popular Culture Association Conference in March 2018. Her paper focuses on defining “fit shaming” within the online fitness community.

Her works in progress include a research group article on travel blogging and branded content to be submitted to the International Communication Association conference in Prague May 2018, as well as her thesis project to be completed April 2018.

As she would like to pursue a doctorate, Mariah is in the process of applying to graduate communication programs across the United States.