What to Buy at the Sephora Holiday Sale

What to buy at the Sephora Holiday SaleYou have 3 DAYS LEFT to shop the Sephora Holiday Sale. It is one of the only times I shop at Sephora, as I have been wearing less and less makeup lately. I have never had much interest in makeup, but I do have a pretty large investment in skincare products. Skincare can get expensive, and while I know I need to be taking care of my skin now, it can be difficult to spend money on nicer products. The Sephora Holiday Sale is a great time to stock up, as VIB and VIB Rouge members get 20% off. If you’re an insider, it’s 15% (which is still an amazing deal). Need ideas on what to purchase? Today I’m sharing the items I ordered off of Sephora.com from the Sephora Holiday Sale. (more…)

Stripes at the Pumpkin Patch: What to wear when it’s warm?

Of course I waited until the second to last weekend of October to go to the pumpkin patch. I haven’t been in a very long time, and there’s a popular spot close to where I live. I convinced my little sister to tag along and we headed to the pumpkin patch on a very warm, yet very windy Saturday afternoon.


Why I don’t like Fast Fashion

Find the best pieces at Forever21 | Chambery and Champagne

Forever21 is not my favorite place to shop. But sometimes, I have to go in and “just see.” Nine times out of ten I walk out with nothing. You really have to know where to look, and how to look, in order to get the best buys. There are piles upon piles of clothes (that’s the nature of fast fashion), 70% of which is under $20. Fast fashion is a term used to explain the speed clothing moves from the catwalk to the store. Usually, it’s cheap fabric, made in bulk, and sold for a relatively inexpensive price.  (more…)

#Olay28Day Challenge

This post is an #ad was in collaboration with Olay. Thanks to all of you for reading and supporting me!

If you know me, it takes a lot to for me change up my skincare routine. Growing up, I didn’t struggle with acne or breakouts of any kind. However, the last six months or so, my skin has been freaking out. Changing up my diet has lead to acne and textured skin across my forehead and chin. Because of these issues, I’m very picky with my skincare and hesitant to try something new. However, I found something that has changed my opinion on products. (more…)

Understanding heart rate and why it matters

Remember all those times your Soul Cycle instructor told you to check your heart rate and you sort of knew what to do, but not really? You put two fingers on your neck and pretend to count, get a random number, get off your bike and leave? Never to think about that number again? You may want to re-think how you’re interacting with those numbers. Knowing your heart rate is important, and can tell you a lot about your health.

For those of you out there with an Apple Watch, it has a built-in heart rate monitor. I never gave much thought to it, but recently, the heart rate app on the watch was updated. It now shows you “Heart Rate Recovery” data. I wasn’t very knowledgeable about that number and what it might tell me about my health, so I went online and found next to no recent information  (Post-2014) on heart rate and recovery. I collected as much information as I could, and today I’m going to share it with you in the hope you can understand just a bit more about your heart health.  (more…)

The best sweater from SheIn

Brown Sweater from SheIn | Chambery and Champagne

Fall is here, kind of. It seems this year Iowa has decided to go from summer to more summer, to winter, and back to summer again! I received this beautiful brown sweater from SheIn, and I was craving a photoshoot. So outside we went, thinking that a 6:30 p..m call time would be late enough where we still had light but it would be cool. We were wrong.  (more…)

Why you shouldn’t get your diet advice from me

Why you shouldn't get your diet advice from me | Chambery and ChampagneHi, my name’s Mariah and sometimes I blog about health and fitness and food. However, I am not a nutritionist or a certified personal trainer. Newsflash: what works for me WILL NOT work for you. It just won’t. You aren’t me. Well then, you might ask, why do you even blog about it? Why post your food on Instagram? Why share your workouts? (more…)

Striped Summer Romper

Father’s Day was yesterday and we finally had a day under 80 degrees! I took advantage by putting together this easy look. Rompers are my go-to summer ensemble because they’re easy to style and comfortable for moving around when it’s warm. This quarter-sleeved romper from SheIn.com was the perfect option for a day outside with my family! (more…)

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