Grad School: Tips to Surviving First Semester

Grad School Tips | Chambery and Champagne

Grad school is tough, and I decided to talk more about the process on my blog because it isn’t commonly talked about among students – even those already enrolled in graduate school! There are some taboo subjects and unanswered questions that many have, and I thought I would start with some basics on graduate school and tips to surviving first semester. (more…)

Grad School: Is It For You?

Grad school: Is it for you? | Chambery and ChampagneFirst semester is over and I am feeling so blessed going into this holiday season. At this time last year, I wasn’t comfortable with myself or where I was professionally. I had just returned from what I thought was my “dream” internship, only to realize it wasn’t a dream of mine at all. I felt like I was drowning, unable to swim to the top and catch a breath of fresh air.  (more…)

Things Grad School Taught Me About Professors

Things Grad School Taught Me About Professors | Chambery and ChampagneAs many of you know, I began graduate school at the University of Iowa this fall, earning my master’s degree in journalism and mass communications. I am working toward my master’s, PhD, and then hopefully becoming a tenure-track professor. This morning I read an article shared on Her Campus’ page titled, “15 Times Your Professors Tried Even Less Than You.”  I took issue with this blog post. Now before someone thinks I am attacking this blogger, I assure you, I am not. This blog post was well-written and humorous, but also a bit misinformed.  (more…)

Grad School: Why I’m Going

Grad School: Why I'm Going | Chambery and ChampagneFor some, undergrad can seem like the shortest four years of their life. Those four years can be exciting and fun, where memories are made to last a lifetime. But for others those four years can be stressful financially, mentally and physically. Some might want to stay in school forever, and others may want to be done in fewer than four. It only took me three years to go through undergrad, and I never looked back. Until today…today we’re going to talk about why I changed my mind about grad school and my future plans in education.  (more…)