What to Buy at the Sephora Holiday Sale

What to buy at the Sephora Holiday SaleYou have 3 DAYS LEFT to shop the Sephora Holiday Sale. It is one of the only times I shop at Sephora, as I have been wearing less and less makeup lately. I have never had much interest in makeup, but I do have a pretty large investment in skincare products. Skincare can get expensive, and while I know I need to be taking care of my skin now, it can be difficult to spend money on nicer products. The Sephora Holiday Sale is a great time to stock up, as VIB and VIB Rouge members get 20% off. If you’re an insider, it’s 15% (which is still an amazing deal). Need ideas on what to purchase? Today I’m sharing the items I ordered off of from the Sephora Holiday Sale. (more…)

#Olay28Day Challenge

This post is an #ad was in collaboration with Olay. Thanks to all of you for reading and supporting me!

If you know me, it takes a lot to for me change up my skincare routine. Growing up, I didn’t struggle with acne or breakouts of any kind. However, the last six months or so, my skin has been freaking out. Changing up my diet has lead to acne and textured skin across my forehead and chin. Because of these issues, I’m very picky with my skincare and hesitant to try something new. However, I found something that has changed my opinion on products. (more…)

Feeling Empowered & Beautiful {w/ BootayBag}

I‘m just going to lay it all out there…You should not find your worth in others. That is hard for me to accept, considering I am a Words of Affirmation person. People telling me I’m beautiful, kind, generous and that they appreciate me makes me feel good. So it’s taken a lot of time and patience to turn myself into a self-love fanatic. I feel beautiful because I know what I’m worth. I know what I deserve. I was hesitant to write this blog post and include these photos. It’s a little different from my normal post, but it was important for me to be transparent and share my feelings, because that’s what C&C is for. (more…)

Clarisonic Mia 2: My Review

Clarisonic Mia 2 Review | Chambery and Champagne

Hello guys and happy fall! I hope everyone’s fall season is going well, I cannot believe it is already October! For me, that means grad school midterms and the start of my crazy freelancing season covering tons of musicals and plays. Today, we’re going back to our roots a little bit and talking about skincare and beauty. I love testing new skincare products and tools, and this week’s review is on the Clarisonic Mia 2. (more…)

Hair Care Routine: Fall 2016

Hair Routine Fall 2016 | Chambery and ChampagneHappy Monday and welcome back to the blog! Today we’re chatting about hair…specifically mine and why I only wash it twice a week. Yes, ONLY TWICE! People usually look at me like I don’t know what personal hygiene is, but looking at my scalp they would never be able to tell. I still shower every single day, I just don’t scrub my hair with shampoo and conditioner every time I enter the shower. Before I started this regimen, I had such an oily scalp and I thought shampooing more often would get rid of my troubles, but I was wrong! The regimen I know use has left my hair light and beautiful, with stronger ends and a less oily scalp.  (more…)

Nordstrom Sale Beauty Finds

#NSale Beauty Favorites | Chambery and ChampagneI know you’ve probably seen way too many Nordstrom #NSale posts, but I wanted to break the sale down further for you all. For me it’s always so exciting to comb through the beauty finds in the sale, because so many items that typically are never discounted, are during these few weeks! Many of the Nordstrom beauty items tend to stay in stock longer as well, because shoppers are more concerned with their shoe and handbag purchases. I’ve laid out my beauty picks for you all to peruse as you start your Monday morning! (more…)

Luminess Air Mystic Collection

Luminess Air Mystic Foundation  Review | Chambery and ChampagneHappy Memorial Day, everyone! You know how much I’ve loved Luminess Air products, I first started talking about them around Christmas and haven’t slowed down! They are coming out with new products left and right, and I am loving testing out all of them. If you haven’t had the chance to check out products from Luminess Air, keep reading! (more…)

Simple Spring Makeup Look {Beauty for Real}

Beauty for Real ThumbnailToday I’m sharing a super simple spring makeup and hair look on my YouTube channel. I am by no means an expert on hair and makeup, I just enjoy doing it and sharing it with you guys. To prove it to you, I had mascara on my face the entire video and never noticed! Not quite a beauty guru…seriously! (more…)

How to Find Your Skin’s Undertone

This is an educational post because I realized a few months back that I had no idea what undertone was and how that can effect how we put on our face every day! We are going to be talking about how to find your skin’s undertone and what types of makeup work well for your skin. (more…)

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