Prepping for Grad School: Balancing Work & Life

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

August is just around the corner, and those of us in college or graduate school are preparing for classes to start, signing up for assistanceship positions, organizing our research calendars, and possibly moving into new places before the school year gets into full swing. Balancing our time during this preparation period can be difficult and stressful, so I put together a few tips to help ease into this transitional month.

Plan everything out in advance and make a to-do list. I am a huge fan of lists! Before we even get into August, I make a plan of everything I have to accomplish before the first day of school, and then I organize that list by priority. For example, I know I want my thesis proposal done before school starts, so it is at the top of my list, along with my due date I assigned myself. Things on the middle/lower half of my list are items like ‘buy school supplies’ or re-organize office drawer files. Those things can wait if need be, and then I get the most important things done first!

If you’re moving, help yourself out by using a furniture rental service. I wish I had known about this when I moved into my apartment for graduate school. CORT Furniture Rental is a national industry leader in the furniture rental space that help students be better prepared and ready to live in new places. What I love about CORT is their accessibility to so many campuses across the university, and they offer to deliver it and set it up before you arrive. If you rent furniture from CORT, you get the furniture you need when you need it, and once you are done with school, they take it away. This can be so helpful when you’re trying  to setup a stylish new space that feels like home, but you don’t necessarily have the time or extra money to purchase all new furniture and organize it in a space. Convenience from CORT will definitely help if you’re moving so close to the start of the school year!

Set time for yourself. Balancing work and life is so difficult when preparing for big changes in life, like starting graduate school or college. Making sure to schedule out time for yourself {even if that time is set for Netflix and nothing else} can be really important for your mental health. For me, this tie is exercising and meal prepping. Once I’ve taken time out of my day to sweat and to plan out my meals for the coming hours/days, I feel so accomplished and much more relaxed! Set yourself up for success when school comes by not being burnt out before it even starts! I love to set aside a time each day to “waste” and not do anything productive as well. That way, when my productive time comes around, I’m ready to kill it!

What are some of your tips to preparing for the start of the semester? Let me know in the comments below!

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Self Love: My Journey

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Tips for Living Alone in Your 20s

Living Alone in your 20s | Chambery and Champagne

Not many 20-year-olds live alone these days, or so I’ve noticed. Because renting apartments can be so pricey, many single young adults in their 20s choose to work their first jobs and live at home, or live with a partner or other friends. And that is completely cool! Since I am a student still, I live in off-campus graduate student housing and my teaching stipend pays enough to allow me to live alone. I chose to live alone because I knew it was best for me at this stage of my life. This is my first time living alone, and I wanted to share some of my tips to living alone without feeling lonely.

Gilmore Girls Revival Must-Haves

Anyone freaking out that Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix comes out today?! Have you already watched all four? I’ve making my way through so don’t spoil it! I just finished watched all seven seasons for the second time and I’ve fallen in love with the show all over again.

Growing up, Gilmore Girls was always on at 4pm when I got home from school, and I would watch re-run after re-run even though I already knew what was about to happen. I will always and forever be #TeamJess, even though I think that ship has sailed. I like my men dark-haired and a bit mysterious, what can I say? I thought I’d round up a few must-haves if you’re spending your Black Friday on the couch rather than at the mall!

COFFEE, duh. If you’re really going to be a Gilmore Girl (or guy) you need to be sure you’ve stocked up on the coffee. My favorite is the Blonde Roast from Starbucks, but I also love Dark Mountain Brown Sugar Crumble Donut. I like my coffee strong and sweet!

Junk food. Again, Gilmore Girls love their junk food from all over the world. Today, my sister and I are gouging on cheeseburgers and fries, in perfect Lorelai Gilmore fashion. Maybe we’ll add in some red vines and popcorn if things get a little crazy!

Comfortable clothes. Back when the Gilmore Girls were strutting around Yale, they could dress up with the best of them. Did anyone else re-watch and catch the number of times either woman was wearing red soles?! Louboutins, anyone?! But just because they dressed up for Friday night dinner doesn’t mean they don’t know how to rock pajama pants and Ugg boats, two items perfect for never leaving the house.

A dog! Who can snuggle up and watch the revival without their very own dog Paul Anka?! I have a feeling that this show is going to cause a lot of new young dog owners to choose the name Paul Anka for their new best friend.

I hope you’re all watching and I can’t wait to dish on Twitter after I’ve finished all four episodes! Make sure to follow me there and on Instagram!

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