Understanding heart rate and why it matters

Remember all those times your Soul Cycle instructor told you to check your heart rate and you sort of knew what to do, but not really? You put two fingers on your neck and pretend to count, get a random number, get off your bike and leave? Never to think about that number again? You may want to re-think how you’re interacting with those numbers. Knowing your heart rate is important, and can tell you a lot about your health.

For those of you out there with an Apple Watch, it has a built-in heart rate monitor. I never gave much thought to it, but recently, the heart rate app on the watch was updated. It now shows you “Heart Rate Recovery” data. I wasn’t very knowledgeable about that number and what it might tell me about my health, so I went online and found next to no recent information  (Post-2014) on heart rate and recovery. I collected as much information as I could, and today I’m going to share it with you in the hope you can understand just a bit more about your heart health.  (more…)

Why you shouldn’t get your diet advice from me

Why you shouldn't get your diet advice from me | Chambery and ChampagneHi, my name’s Mariah and sometimes I blog about health and fitness and food. However, I am not a nutritionist or a certified personal trainer. Newsflash: what works for me WILL NOT work for you. It just won’t. You aren’t me. Well then, you might ask, why do you even blog about it? Why post your food on Instagram? Why share your workouts? (more…)

30 Days Out | Gym Playlist

30 Days Out Gym Playlist

Wow y’all…it has been a hot minute since I wrote anything on this site! I have been busy, however, creating a professional website I’d love for you to check out if you have some time. Anyways, I wanted to check in since yesterday marked 30 DAYS OUT from the end of Summer Shredding. My cut started in March, but I’ve been slowly changing my lifestyle since the beginning of 2017. Since January 13, I’ve lost 20 pounds and 8% body fat. During the month of April I fell off track just a bit, but that’s life, and now I have new motivation and a fresh set of goals to conquer. I’m focused and ready to crush this last month! (more…)

Workout of the Week {Legs} | Feb 27, 2017

Welcome back to another Monday and another Workout of the Week! This week we’re back to legs and I can’t wait to get started. For some who may not follow my Instagram {follow here if you don’t already} you don’t know that in less than a week I’ll be starting a #SummerShredding program. For 12 weeks I’ll be bringing in my physique with solid nutrition and intense workouts. I’m spending a lot more time on my YouTube channel lately, so subscribe to that if you’d rather watch me go about my programming rather than just talk about it on the blog. I’ll be sharing bits and pieces across all my platforms. (more…)

Workout of the Week {Back and Bicep} | Feb. 13, 2017

Hey back muscles…I see you coming in just in time for backless summer tops. Don’t see yours? Don’t neglect your back, ladies! I love training back, and because it is a pulling motion you almost always are working your biceps too, so why not kill two birds with one stone? I always combine back and biceps, as it’s easier to complete what you need to in a shorter amount of time! For those asking, my upper body weekly breakdown is: (more…)

Workout of the Week | Feb 6, 2017

Happy Monday, y’all! Today I’m sharing such a fun {and challenging} workout for you. Lately, I’ve been training six days a week, and sometimes I don’t want to do a typical weightlifting-style split, meaning I don’t want to focus on my shoulders/back/biceps one day, chest/triceps/abs another, or legs twice a week. Sometimes I want a total body burn that keeps my heart rate high with little rest. On these days, I do a body-weight/plyometric style circuit!  (more…)

Workout of the Week | Jan. 30, 2017

Another workout is coming at you! This week’s focus is upper body. So many women neglect their upper body because they think building shoulders and biceps will make them look bulky. Actually, that’s quite the opposite. Women want an hourglass figure, and a great way to thin your waist is by building up your shoulders! Also, it can be incredibly difficult to shave fat off of your arms, and you won’t be able to do so with cardio alone. Give weights a chance and I think you’ll be surprised what a consistent lift schedule will do for your body. (more…)

Workout of the Week | Jan 23, 2017

Workout of the week | Chambery and ChampagneHey hey hey! One of my resolutions this year was to move my body and really sweat on a weekly basis, and I thought it would be fun to share a different workout each week on the blog for you all! I find it so interesting and inspiring to see what workouts people are completing and what their goals are for their fitness journey. This week’s goals are: (more…)

Fit Friday: Lifting Looks

I have been lifting 5 days a week for 5 weeks now, and I am quickly falling in love with it! I used to lift in high school, and I miss feeling strong in the gym and growing lean muscle. Since starting to get back into lifting, I’ve been collecting different gym pieces that I am obsessed with! You all already know my obsession with Lululemon, and it’s only growing. I’ve been shopping at places like Nordstrom and Forever21 lately as well. This post contains a few of my lifting looks from this past week.  (more…)

Fit Friday: All About Water

img_6970Water can sometimes be an easy thing to forget when trying to get back on track with fitness. Many think they are consuming enough liquids, mainly water, but once they start really paying attention there is often surprise at how little they take in. Today I’m sharing how much water I try to drink on a daily basis, and how you can start consuming more too! (more…)

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