Happy Monday, y’all! Today I’m sharing such a fun {and challenging} workout for you. Lately, I’ve been training six days a week, and sometimes I don’t want to do a typical weightlifting-style split, meaning I don’t want to focus on my shoulders/back/biceps one day, chest/triceps/abs another, or legs twice a week. Sometimes I want a total body burn that keeps my heart rate high with little rest. On these days, I do a body-weight/plyometric style circuit! 

For me, circuits are great because you can burn so many calories in such a short amount of time. Below is my circuit from this past month that focuses only on abs/legs:

CARDIO {before or after]: 30 minutes of LISS

Circuit set one: 30 seconds each

  • Flutter kicks
  • Russian Twists
  • Leg Lifts
  • Side plank hip lifts {left side}
  • Side plank hip lifts {right side}
  • Belly straight leg lifts

TIP: focus on squeezing glutes when lying on your belly and lifting your legs up behind you!


Circuit set two: 30 seconds each

  • Crunches
  • Bicylcles
  • Side butterfly thigh openers {left side}
  • Side butterfly thigh openers {right side}
  • Mountain climbers
  • Plank


Circuit set three: 30 seconds each

  • Jump lunges
  • Jump rope
  • Squat front kicks {every other leg}
  • Side lunges {every other leg}
  • Front lunges OR Wall sit
  • 5 Burpees {or as many as you can do in 30 seconds}

TIP: I give the option of front lunges or wall sit because for some this set is too difficult on their knees from doing so many lunges in a short period of time!


Final circuit: 30 seconds each

  • Donkey kicks
  • Straight leg back pulses {on your hands and knees}
  • Side fire hydrants {10 each leg}
  • Unweighted hip-ups
  • Hip-ups w/ left leg in the air
  • Hip-ups w/ right leg in the air


If you do this workout on exact time, it’s 18 minutes long. Two times would be about 40 minutes! It’s up to you if you can complete the entire circuit 3 times – good luck!

P.S. If you’d like a circuit that is upper body based, rather than abs/legs let me know and I would love to create one!

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